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Lisa Jane Mayhew


Lisa Jane Mayhew gives Belle Academy training course in the categories Professionalism, Classroom, Lecturer, Assistant, Interaction Level, Training Kit, Value For Money, top ratings of  ‘Excellent’ across the board.

Improvement Suggestions/ Was the course how you expected? Better than expected.

Testimonial -Really enjoyable course, earn a lot more than expected will definitely recommend to friends!

Emma Wells


Emma Wells gives Belle Academy training course in the categories Professionalism, Classroom, Lecturer, Assistant, Interaction Level, Training Kit, Value For Money, top ratings of  ‘Excellent’ across the board.

Improvement Suggestions/ Was the course how you expected? The course had all  of the components that I expected and as a non hairdresser the tutor was very patient as i was not a natural some of the techniques.

Testimonial -N/A

Bethany Locke


Bethany Locke gives Belle Academy training course in the categories Professionalism, Classroom, Lecturer, Assistant, Interaction Level, Training Kit, Value For Money, top ratings of  ‘Excellent’ across the board.

Improvement Suggestions/ Was the course how you expected? was better than I had expected

Testimonial -Really good found it very helpful, can’t wait to start doing hair extensions.

Hair Extension Courses

Hair Extension Courses

Having long hair is ideal for most women, but this can usually not be achieved without some type of effort. In the past, it took a long period of time to grow your hair out in order to produce the long hairstyle you were looking to attain. However, now hair extensions are extremely popular and can be used to increase the length or overall volume of your hair.

Although wigs and hair pieces used to be trendy, now hair extensions are the latest hair craze. Hair extensions are available in different textures, color and lengths, which allows for complete personal customization. You can even use hair extensions to create highlights and lowlights by using extensions of varying shades.

Although hair extensions are luxurious and trendy, they are not just for famous movie stars. All women can easily look glamorous by having hair extensions professionally applied. The proper application of hair extensions requires a knowledge that can only be attained through hair extension courses. Hair extensions have become so popular that everyone is looking to achieve this distinguished hairstyle. Therefore, if you are in the hair profession, it is necessary that you complete hair extensions courses to ensure that you are adequately trained.

Most individuals will only have hair extensions applied by those that have enrolled and completed hair extensions courses. So if you are looking to make it in the industry, you should perfect the hair extension application method. Hair extensions are here to stay and will be trendy for a long time to come.


Importance of Hair Extension Courses

Hair extension course may not seem important, but they will allow you to learn techniques and application methods that are necessary to hair extension application. Hair extensions may look easy to apply, but this process is intricate and requires additional training. A great hairstylist can apply extensions that look extremely natural and can’t be detected by the human eye. This level of expertise requires skills that can only be obtained through hair extension courses designed to teach the proper skillset necessary to apply natural looking extensions. When you complete a Belle Academy hair extension course you will be able to get hair extension insurance by insurisk same day.

The popularity of hair extensions has required all salons to incorporate hair extension services. Therefore, if you are a stylist trained in hair extension application, you will be properly qualified and will have an easier job application process. This beauty service is necessary and should be added to your arsenal. Proper hair extension application techniques acquired through hair extension courses can be the education needed to allow you to flourish in the hair style industry.

What Can Be Learned In Hair extension Courses

Most hair extension courses are relatively intense and cover many different application methods. However, the basic concepts that are covered during this type of training include client consultation tips, methods for evaluating hair types and details of preparation. You will then learn how to section and apply extensions correctly using different application methods. Other concepts covered in hair extension courses include aftercare and maintenance suggestions, proper removal techniques and color matching procedures. You will learn how to work all the equipment need to apply and remove hair extensions, but also learn health and safety tips that can be shared with your clients. Strategies for adding volume and correcting bad haircuts can also be perfected through hair extension courses. There are many different reasons that hair extensions are obtained, but if you are properly trained you will be able to serve a range of hair needs.

Learning Through Practice

The only way to properly learn and perfect a craft is to practice. Hair extension courses allow you to practice techniques and procedures on manikins and live hair models. This will allow you to evaluate your methods and ensure that you become a hair extension expert.  Hair extension knowledge is needed to succeed in the hair stylist industry. The popularity of hair extension will only continue to increase over time. If you are looking to learn this distinct skill of hair extension application, you must complete hair extension courses before you become a professionally trained stylist.  Hair extension application requires knowledge and proper training that can only be obtained through education. If you want to be a trained hair professional, you must learn proper hair techniques associated with hair extension application.

Fusion Bonded Hair Extensions

Fusion Bonded Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to improve your overall style and add length and volume to your natural hair. Hair extensions are not permanent and allow you to change up your look dramatically without having to commit to one hairstyle. Growing your hair naturally can take years, but with the use of hair extensions, you can create the illusion of long hair without the time commitment of growing your hair naturally. Once you get tired of long hair, simply remove the extensions and switch up your style.

Why Are Hair Extensions Popular

Even if you already have long hair, you can still use hair extensions to improve the look of your hair. If you already have length, but are looking to add volume you can still use extensions. Hair extensions can be used to pump up your natural hair volume and allow you to finally get voluminous hair. Instead of paying countless dollars on shampoos and treatments that promise volume, simply add voluminous hair extensions. Another trend in hair involves contrasting colors and dramatic highlights and lowlights. However, permanently dyeing your hair can cause breakage and damage. Hair extensions are a safe and easy way to add color to your hair without using harsh chemicals on your scalp. This will keep your natural hair shiny and healthy for longer periods of time. Once you get tired of the added color, simply remove the Hair extensions easily. Voluminous and long hair can instantly boost your confidence and self-esteem. Hair Extensions allow you to feel more sexy and feminine with long luxurious hair.

Fusion Bonded Hair Extension Methods

Since the need and popularity of hair extensions has already been established, new application methods have been developed to make hair extension wear look more natural and beautiful. Most women that choose to wear hair extensions don’t want it to be obvious. This requires intricate application methods to ensure that the look is natural and durable.  The most optimal application method involves the process of bonding the hair.

There are many different ways to apply extensions including sewing, tubing, gluing or clipping. However, none of these methods are effective as the application process of fusion bonding hair extensions.  The fusion bonded hair extension method is reserved for individuals looking to achieve long lasting extensions that look both natural and stylish.

What Does The Fusion Bonding Process Entail

This form of hair extension application is only used on permanent hair extensions and involves fusing the hair to get a long lasting style. Sewing and tubing methods of hair extension application can look fake, but fusing the hair allows for an easy to maintain style that looks real. If you are looking for a hair extension application method that looks natural, you should definitely consider fusion bonded hair extensions.

How To Obtain Fusion Bonded Hair Extensions

It is required that you see a professional hair stylist to have fusion bonded hair extensions applied. The fusion bonding process is very detailed and should only be performed by a highly skilled and educated hair stylist with experience. The process of fusion bonding involves sectioning natural hair and hair extensions and then bonding the hair together using specifically designed protein glue bond. After the hair has been glued together, it is then fused using hot or cold fusion. Both hot and cold fusion techniques yield the same effective results.

Benefits Of Fusion Bonded Hair Extensions

Many hair extension application methods are not long lasting, but the fusion bonded method produces results that last between three and six months. Hair extensions that are fusion bonded can be styled in the same manner as natural hair and require no additional maintenance and care. Therefore, this is the ideal method of application for most women. You can find available fusion bonded hair extensions in a variety of color, texture and length options. They easily match with your natural hair and cause no damage upon removal. However, they must be removed by a hair stylist professional. This is one of the most expensive types of extensions available for purchase, but it is also the highest quality product. This natural method of extension will produce a natural look that all women find appealing.