hair extensions Glasgow

Hair extensions Glasgow


Hair Extension Installation

Before visiting the hair extension salons in Glasgow to purchase your extensions, there are many different methods of hair extension application to consider. Each method has its pros and cons, but each should be considered before you choose.

The cheapest options for application utilize strings or small clips to attach the hair extensions to the lower layers of your hair. Pros include the low cost and easy application. Some amateur stylist can even do them in your home or in smaller salons. However, these methods usually don’t result in long-lasting hair extensions. Also, the way your hair extensions fall and feel will typically not look natural. Most hair extensions that use these cheaper methods do not have high quality human hair and are usually quite limited in color and style selection. Most hair extension salons in Glasgow would recommend using a more reliable method of installation.

Most of the more expensive but reliable methods of hair extension installation require a trip to hair extension salons in Glasgow. These methods use small fasteners that can virtually be unseen under the layers of your natural hair. The smaller the fastener the stylist uses, the better it is and the less noticeable the extensions will be to others. If you want the appearance of natural hair, then this is the way to go.

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Methods of Installation

There are hair extension Glasgow salons that offer hair extension installation. When you consider how you would like your extensions installed, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

If you plan to keep your extensions for a long while and want your extensions to last through washes, brushing, styling, and daily wear and tear, then it is important to hire a qualified professional hair stylist to apply them.

For those wishing to simply install them at home, there are options out there. However, this method isn’t recommended for those wanting true hair extensions that will last and look great.

Having a hair stylist install your hair extensions is also beneficial because they can help you choose the right color and style that will closely match your natural hair. Hair extensions are attached to the lower layers of hair toward the back of the head, so often hair stylist will suggest choosing a shade darker. For example, a light blonde may look great with dark blonde extensions. This not only makes the hair extensions appear more natural, because often hair is naturally darker on the bottom layers, but it also gives the illusion of natural highlights.

Natural isn’t always the way to go though. Some who live on the bolder side opt for a dramatically different color for their hair extensions to create a dramatic look. For example, someone with dark brown hair can add extensions that are bleach-blonde. Or someone with black hair can add extensions that are purple. While this look isn’t for everyone, having a dramatic color added to the bottom layers sends a bold statement without going over the top.


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