Hair extension manual

Hair extension manual – preview shots can be viewed bottom of this page

Hair extension what to look for before bookings…


 Our promise

With Belle Academy you truly are in good hands. If for any reason you do not feel completely confident after completely your course for what ever reason just let the assistant or tutor on the day know and we will re-train you. We also give support from our head offices in London directly with the course director. We also check images of your first models to assure your application technique is correct. 

Belle Academy 2014 hair extension manual is out as off 27th February 2014:-

Below you can preview some of the new Belle academy hair extension manual pages. It is important to have a great hair extension manual after you complete your course as it will be like your bible for when your starting out in hair extensions. Our manual includes tips on what you should charge your clients, how much you should be earning and obviously how to apply hair extensions step by step.

belle front page and back


belle page 13 n 14










belle page 11 n 12


Belle Academy students 2013 – Click the image below to book a hair extension course:

how much hair extensions make



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