Micro ring hair extensions

Have you heard of Micro ring hair extensions but you aren’t sure exactly what they are? These extensions don’t require glue and are applied strand by strand using tiny rings. A full head application can take up to four hours to apply, making it a very time consuming process, but it is well work the wait.

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How exactly are they applied?

Micro ring hair extensions use tiny metal rings covered in silicone to help them grip your hair. Your natural hair is carefully threaded through the tiny ring. Once this is done, the ring is clamped shut by your stylist using special pliers. This prevents the hair extension from slipping out as you style it. The rings are placed underneath your top layer of hair so that they will not be visible when you style your hair. The last thing anyone wants is to have rings from their hair extensions visible, ruining their otherwise stylish look.

Where can I get them?

Micro ring hair extensions are available at most salons. Salons that don’t offer them are sure to be left in the dust because they are such a high demand product. Almost any major and reputable salon will offer hair extensions and can apply them expertly. It is not recommended that you attempt applying them at home because there is a greater risk of error and extreme cases of at home attempts gone wrong require the hair to be cut off at the point the extensions were placed. This will not occur if you go to a professional salon. They know what they are doing because they have been trained on how to properly apply the extensions quickly and safely to your hair. If you attempt to put them on at home, or have an untrained friend do them, you take the risk of having the rings being visible with your hair styled as well. This isn’t a good look on anyone. The extensions should accent your hair nicely not be a focal point because they appear out of place.


Why would I want them?

Hair extensions offer length if desired or they can simply add volume and fullness to hair of any length. They are a great way to add glamour and sex appeal. Because Micro ring hair extensions do not utilize glue to hold them in place, they appear more natural and do less damage to your natural hair when being applied or removed. The extensions come in variety of colours and textures and some can even be dyed to match anything you do to your hair. Not all of them take dye well so this is something you should keep in mind when selecting your hair extensions. Applying extensions in a different colour to your natural or dyed hair colour can also be a great way to add an edge of flair. You can pick a wild colour like blue or pink or you can choose a colour just slightly different than your hair colour to add subtle variety and highlights.



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