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It’s up to the individual person to decide what kind of hair extension works best to give them the look they want.

Clip in hair – this is probably the most popular because it is not permanent and requires the least amount of time to install. In addition, the health risk is minimal, as you are not exposing your scalp to the possibility of damage or a condition called traction alopecia that is affiliated with some methods. The clip-in method uses what’s called weft hair – a weft is a long strip of hair that’s similar to the concept of a curtain, and it has a seam at the top. And that is where the clips of hair are added. Beginning at the nape, hair is cordoned off into sections, and then the weft is placed into each part with the clips of hair and snapped into place. The process is repeated until you have the look or fullness you are going for. Clip-in hair extensions, however, are usually not permanent and should be removed before extended periods of lying down.

Bonding and sealing – there are two versions of bonding hair. The hard bond is like super glue and you can leave the hair extension in for four to six weeks. The soft bond is just that – softer and can last about three weeks. Soft bond tends to be more flexible… the adhesive is made of silicone, latex or acrylic. The concept of bonding means the hair glue is applied to the wefted hair and then secured onto the person’s natural hair.

Fusion is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of adding hair. An apparatus that looks similar to a glue gun is heated, filled with an adhesive and it is used to attach the hair extensions to the person’s own hair. It looks natural and lasts two to three months. Its drawback is that it takes several hours to install.

Netting and weaving – these techniques use real or synthetic hair and integrate it into your own natural hair. The advantages of these methods are that they can add length, volume and color to your hair without chemicals.

Although you can buy hair extensions online, until you are familiar with the methods and chemicals involved, it is suggested you consult a professional salon or licensed practitioner before adding hair extensions.

The results, however, can give you a younger look, a sophisticated aura or even just a boost in confidence.

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